How to lose weight in a week without harm to health?

A girl who lost weight in a week measures her waist

If you need to get yourself in shape as soon as possible, it is very important not to harm your health in trying to lose weight. To do this, it is recommended to give preference to sparing diets and give up fasting - this way it is easier not to break loose and not disrupt metabolic processes. On average, you can lose 3 kg in a week, but the exact figure depends on the person's initial data. If, after the end of the diet, you do not follow the correct balanced diet, then the weight will quickly return.

General recommendations

You can lose weight by several kilograms in a week at home without special diets and without harm to health, following the advice of experts:

Recommendation Explanation
Give up salt The calorie content of salt is zero, but this mineral has the property of retaining fluid in the body. A salt-free diet will allow you to get rid of excess water, eliminate puffiness, so that swelling from the legs and face will go away. The result on the scales will be approximately minus 1. 5-3 kg
Have dinner with protein foods It takes a lot of energy to digest protein foods. A complete rejection of carbohydrates in the afternoon will lead to the fact that the body will begin to use up the reserves of existing adipose tissue, which will help to lose about 100-200 g per day in addition
Introduce cardio loads Intense long-term cardio workouts will help to quickly remove fluid from the body and speed up metabolic processes. This will help you lose 1 to 2 kg if you follow the nutritional guidelines.
Eat cleansing products

One of the prerequisites for losing weight is bowel cleansing. This will help not only lose weight, but also heal all body systems.Cleansing foods include those that have laxative properties and are rich in fiber or beneficial fatty acids:

  • green vegetables and herbs: cucumbers, cabbage, zucchini, parsley, dill, green onions;
  • beets, carrots;
  • sour fruits: apples, citruses, berries;
  • nuts, flax seeds, sunflower seeds - in limited quantities;
  • cold-pressed vegetable oils: olive, linseed, sesame - it is recommended to drink them on an empty stomach;
  • dried fruits: prunes, dried apricots.

To quickly cleanse the body naturally and get rid of extra pounds will help the daily use of dry fiber or bran cereals in the composition of meals and drinks. They can also be used as flour. The recommended daily dose for beginners is from 30 g with a gradual increase to 100 g

Drinking drinks to speed up your metabolism

Simple drinks that are easy to prepare at home help speed up metabolic processes:

  • unsweetened green tea;
  • kefir with cinnamon;
  • Sassi water;
  • green smoothie with parsley, cucumber and lemon juice;
  • ginger drink with lemon
Arrange a fasting day

One-day unloading diets are recommended to be followed no more than once a week, optimally - once a month. During this day, you can lose up to 2 kg.

Unloading menu options:

  • up to 2 kg of apples;
  • 1 kg of "Brush" salad;
  • 1. 5 liters of low-fat kefir;
  • 1 kg of kefir;
  • ordinary drinking water - unlimited.

In the latter case, we are talking about fasting, which is allowed only to absolutely healthy people.

These tips will help you lose up to 3 kg for someone who adheres to the correct diet, as well as a person whose diet is not healthy and balanced. In the second case, for a greater effect, it is recommended to exclude flour, sweet and fried foods.

Review of effective diets

A selection of diets will allow you to urgently lose weight and not harm your health. A prerequisite for compliance with any of them is the absence of contraindications.Children and adolescents should refrain from such diets and give preference to a proper balanced diet.


This is a 7 day diet.The basic principle is that every day you need to eat foods of the same type or dishes of a certain consistency:

  1. Liquid diet-soups, teas, juices, fruit drinks, fermented milk drinks are allowed.
  2. Vegetables-predominantly raw or gently cooked. Everything is allowed except potatoes.
  3. 1st day menu.
  4. All fruits and berries. Bananas, dates, mangoes, grapes should be eaten only in the morning.
  5. Protein-both plant and animal origin.
  6. 1st day menu.
  7. Any diet of proper nutrition.

The advantages of the "Favorite" diet is that it is easily tolerated, helps to cleanse the body, includes a large amount of vitamins and minerals, and is compatible with sports. For a week of observing it, it is possible to get rid of 3-4 kg. To enhance the effect, it is recommended to use the general tips listed above.

A similar diet is contraindicated for people with acute or chronic diseases of any organs.

An example of a menu for all days of the "Favorite" diet:

Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner Afternoon snack Dinner
one Berry smoothie Carrot and apple fresh Broccoli & Cauliflower Creamy Soup Cucumber, parsley and lemon juice smoothie Kefir with fiber
2 Tomato and parsley salad Finely grated carrots Stew of eggplant, carrots, onions, cabbage, tomato, bell pepper with green peas Cabbage, cucumber and greens salad Zucchini baked with bell pepper and onion
3 Menu as on the first day
4 Banana puree Any fruit salad Apples baked with raisins and nuts Berry smoothie Citrus and kiwi salad
five Cheesecakes from cottage cheese and eggs 2 hard-boiled eggs Boiled chicken fillet, green peas Beans stewed in tomato juice Baked fish
6 Menu as on the first day
7 Granola with yoghurt Citrus salad Vegetable soup without potatoes with chicken meatballs 2 hard-boiled eggs, cucumber Seafood stewed with onions and carrots


The protein diet is popular for its benefits:

  • weight loss occurs due to the burning of adipose tissue, while the muscle remains;
  • the diet allows you not to feel hunger;
  • a large number of dishes can be prepared from permitted products.

In the strict version, it is allowed to adhere to this diet for up to a month, while it is possible to lose weight up to 10 kg.

Sample menu for the day of the protein diet:

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Afternoon snack Dinner
Omelet with 2 eggs and 1 protein and 100 ml skim milk Kefir jelly with sweetener and vanilla Steamed chicken cutlets Cottage cheese with fiber and flax seeds Baked salmon fillet with lemon wedges

When following a high-protein diet, it is important to drink enough water-this will ease the digestive process and help prevent constipation.

Mono diets

Observance of mono-meals is considered an effective way to lose weight in the shortest possible time.

Diet option Basic rules, diet
Buckwheat The buckwheat diet lasts 3 to 10 days and helps to lose up to 1 kg daily. Buckwheat must be cooked in a special way: pour the cereal overnight with water at room temperature in a ratio of 1 to 2 and leave overnight. Consume in the morning without any spices or oils. You can eat up to 1 kg of such porridge per day, in addition to it, greens, low-fat kefir or yogurt, green tea and an unlimited amount of pure water are allowed. If you follow a diet for more than 3 days, you can add green apples, citrus fruits, cabbage, carrots, beets to the diet

Kefir diet can be followed no longer than 3 days without harm to the health of the digestive system. During this time, it is real to lose up to 3 kg. The drink should be chosen with a minimum fat content and good quality.

You can diversify the menu in the following ways:

  • add a tablespoon of bran and sweetener to a glass of kefir-you get an alternative to store-bought yogurt with cereals;
  • add half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder for every 200 ml of kefir-it will help speed up fat burning and reduce appetite;
  • add 30 ml lemon juice to a glass of drink-for fast fat burning;
  • add a tablespoon of chia or flax seeds to 200 ml of kefir to enhance the cleansing effect

It is advisable to follow a cucumber diet at the height of the vegetable season. It is very strict and low in calories, but gives excellent results.-you can drop 1. 5 kg per day. The maximum duration of such a diet-up to 5 days.

Products that are allowed for consumption:

  • cucumbers-the basis of the diet;
  • White cabbage;
  • greens;
  • green apples;
  • berries;
  • low-fat cottage cheese-up to 300 g per day;
  • chicken eggs-maximum 6 pieces per week, no more than 2 per day
Fruit The Express Fruit Diet is considered the tastiest and most effective-for 3 days of compliance, you can lose up to 3 kg. You can eat any fruit, the main thing is-choose them according to the season. Sweet and high-calorie are recommended to be consumed in the morning, berries, citrus fruits, kiwi-Anytime

It is recommended to adhere to mono-diets from 3 to 7 days, no more. The range of products is very limited, and longer adherence will lead to a deficiency of essential micronutrients and to disruptions of metabolic processes, which will affect the appearance.

The disadvantage of this technique-unstable result. At least half of the lost weight returns as soon as the person switches to the usual diet.


The drinking diet is strict, it is allowed to follow it no longer than 3 days, because the lack of solid food leads to a number of metabolic disorders.Plain water can be drunk indefinitely, in addition to it, the following drinks and dishes are allowed:

  • freshly squeezed juices diluted in half with water;
  • ginger drink with honey and lemon;
  • vegetable and chicken broths;
  • green or herbal unsweetened tea;
  • kefir or yogurt, protein drinks based on them;
  • liquid vegetable soups-tomato, pumpkin, cabbage;
  • cocoa with milk of minimum fat content.

Sample Drinking Diet Menu for the Day:

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Afternoon snack Dinner
Berry, banana and chia seed smoothie Tomato juice Pumpkin, onion and carrot liquid vegetable puree soup Watermelon smoothie Kefir with bran and sweetener

Detox diet

The diet is considered curative, because with it it is possible not only to lose up to 6 kg per week, but also to cleanse all body systems. Flour, sweet, fatty, salty, fried foods are excluded, protein foods are limited. At the heart of the detox diet-vegetables, fruits, cereals. It is recommended to be observed by all people at least 1-2 times a year for preventive purposes.

The cleansing diet has practically no contraindications-it contains food rich in vitamins and minerals. The diet is distinguished by the variety of products and the number of dishes that can be prepared from them.

During the detox diet, it is recommended to drink plenty of water, and vegetables and fruits should be selected according to the season.

A sample menu for a weekly detox diet looks like this:

Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner Afternoon snack Dinner
one Watermelon smoothie with mint Ginger drink Berry smoothie Herbal tea Ginger drink
2 Orange fresh, peaches Melon Apple and pear salad with sunflower seeds Citrus Baked apples or fresh puree
3 Fruit salad Kiwi Stew of eggplant, bell pepper, onion, carrot Cabbage salad with herbs Cucumber, tomato, bell pepper salad, baked zucchini and carrots
4 Rice porridge with apples Any citrus Rice with vegetables Watermelon Potato-free vinaigrette with green peas
five Rice porridge with raisins Any fruit 100 g boiled turkey, steamed broccoli Cucumber salad 1 steamed chicken cutlet, cabbage salad, cucumber, bell pepper
6 Oatmeal with banana Baked apple 100 g of ready-made buckwheat porridge, 100 g of boiled beef, salad of any vegetables Grated carrots with sesame oil Stew of turkey, zucchini, onions, carrots and green peas
7 "Lazy oatmeal" with yogurt and berries Any fruit 100 g ready-made buckwheat porridge, steamed chicken cutlet, cabbage and greens salad Kefir with fiber Turkey baked in yogurt with herbs

From all express diets you need to go out correctly - to expand the diet first with fruits, vegetables and cereals, then with the rest of the products.It is recommended to introduce 1 item every 2-3 days and control the daily calorie intake. This will help to consolidate the result obtained in the process of losing weight and form new eating habits.