How to switch to the right diet for weight loss

Women and men who are prone to being overweight have a relentless struggle for a slender figure all their lives. After each feast or the next weigh-in, we promise to go on a diet from Monday, start taking care of ourselves and put our body in order. But, unfortunately, everything is going according to the same scenario. At first we try to comply with strict dietary restrictions, but sooner or later this leads to a breakdown, we gain weight again, and more than what we already had. It's like a vicious circle that cannot be broken. But there is still a way out of it. To begin with, it's worth answering yourself a few questions. What are you willing to change in your life to look good? Are you ready to change your eating habits for a slim figure? It is important to understand that temporary diets are temporary. And in order to lose weight and stay at the same weight, you need to adhere to the rules of a healthy diet all the time. Remember, healthy food can be delicious and satisfying too. In this article, we will try to figure out what proper nutrition is, how and what you need to eat in order to lose weight and maintain weight.

carrots and celery for weight loss on the right diet

How to change your mind and go to proper nutrition

Motivation and attitude are one of the main conditions for a successful outcome of the case. Beforethan start counting calories and run to the store for cottage cheese, you should sit down and talk to yourself frankly. Do you like the way you look? Are you worthy of this? Are you so weak that you cannot keep your weight and your body condition under control? If you answered no to all three questions, you need to think about your motivation to lose weight and eat well. After all, a balanced and healthy diet is not only a thin and slender figure. It is also clear skin, strong hair and nails, absence of cellulite and diseases, well-being, good spirits and strength of character. It is important to understand that your body is not a cesspool into which you can dump anything you want. You can’t finish eating for a child, you can’t eat out of boredom or for the company, you can’t seize depression and stress with sweets. Is your stomach the place to dump waste? If not, from now on you need to eat only the freshest, most delicious and healthy products. Know that sweet and fatty cakes will not do you any good, they do not contain vitamins, but only harmful sugar and palm oil, which is directly deposited on your sides, stomach and thighs. Here are some examples of motivations to help you get on with eating right and not change your mind.

Hang a photo of the best years of your life on the refrigerator. Look at your slim figure every time - this will help you to abandon the next gastronomic temptation.

Measure your parameters every week - not only weight, but also the volume in the chest, hips, waist, thighs, arms and calves. Often, the volumes change first, and only then the weight begins to creep down. You can even graph your measurements. A visual representation makes losing weight more tangible, you will think a hundred times, do you need this bun?

Before you eat something forbidden, go to the mirror and look at yourself naked. Pinch your belly fold. Do you still want to eat something?

Get out your favorite jeans or dress that you once liked. Keep your clothes nearby as a symbol and motivation to lose weight. Just a little more and the zipper will start to zip up!

Think about your future life. With a lot of weight, it is very difficult to get pregnant and bear a child. If you don't have a soul mate yet, it will be much more difficult for you to find it in your current body. If you already have children, think about how you should look when you take them to school. Don't you want your little ones to be proud of their irresistible mother?

You can lose weight with someone on a bet, even for a monetary reward. For some, this is a serious motivation.

Chat with people who also lead healthy lives.

Watch various films and TV projects that talk about the rules of healthy eating, show people with a lot of weight. For many, such a prospect seems terrible, and this becomes the trigger for the start of a long, but healthy weight loss.

Don't lose weight for someone. You can't prove something to someone with your weight loss. Remember that you are the only one who needs to clean up. By changing your eating habits, you will gradually notice how the weight drops and the body transforms. If you are determined to change your life, here are some helpful tips.

How to make the transition to proper nutrition gradual

In order for the transition to a healthy lifestyle not to shock the body, this should be done smoothly and gradually. If you visit fast food places three times a week, do it less often. Today, instead of cola, take plain water for a hamburger and fries - it will be a small victory for you. Next time, give up the usual amount of food - reduce it at least a little. Try other, healthier foods. A baked piece of meat with a vegetable salad will be much healthier and more nutritious than butter potatoes and fatty hamburger with mayonnaise.

You need to change your habits gradually, but constantly, without taking a step back. Today you put a little less sugar in the porridge, tomorrow you drink tea without sugar at all, the day after tomorrow you chose sweet fruit instead of chocolate cookies for dessert. Avoid frying, food can be boiled, baked or steamed. Every day is a conscious decision, your adequate choice in favor of health, beauty and longevity. Each refusal from sweet and fatty is your small, but such a significant victory. And this path should be really gradual. Remember, it takes 21 days for a person to develop a habit. During this time, you should completely switch to proper nutrition. Here are the basic guidelines to follow if you want to lose weight once and for all.

How and what to eat to lose weight

If you decide to switch to proper nutrition, ask your family to support you. They do not require any special actions or wild sacrifices. The most important thing is moral support. This means that you should not bring frank sweets or harmful products into the house - a healthy body has not prevented anyone yet. Ask loved ones to refrain from jokes, they should not persistently offer you prohibited foods. They may need physical help when you have to give up some household chores in favor of going to the gym. The support of loved ones is of great importance in losing weight.

measuring waist while losing weight on proper nutrition

The first and foremost rule in any weight loss is you must eat. Eat, even if you don't feel like it. This applies to fractional meals. Regular intake of food into the body at regular intervals can speed up the metabolism. If you fast for 5-6 hours, you will gain weight even from cucumbers. And if you convince the body that there will be no more hunger and feed it every 2. 5-3 hours, it will stop storing food reserves in fat. Therefore, you need to distribute your day so that you have a break for every meal. The volume of one serving should be no more than one glass, so that you have time to get hungry and do not overeat. Without this, you will not be able to lose weight.

Gradually, you need to completely abandon desserts, flour products, fried, smoked, pickled and salty dishes. Keep only healthy and healthy foods in the refrigerator.

The diet should be varied and nutritious.

When you come to visit or to a banquet in a restaurant, give preference to lean meat, vegetable salads without mayonnaise, protein products - cheese, feta cheese, eggs, fish, poultry. Carbohydrates under strict control - their intake should be limited. Remember that alcohol is high in calories and can increase your appetite. It is better to move and dance more, if the format of the event allows.

Stop thinking about food all the time, stop rewarding yourself with food, stop eating out of boredom. Understand that there are so many other interesting things in life. Try to hammer your day so that you don't have time to think about forbidden sweets. If you have lost a little weight, do not buy yourself a pizza, it is better to please yourself with a new luxurious dress that you could not afford before.

Have acceptable desserts and snacks with you to eat if a friend bought a bag of chips and tempts you with them. These can be nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and so on.

If you absolutely cannot live without bread, buy diet or rye loaves.

Sometimes it happens that you really want something forbidden. If you cannot deny yourself, it is better to postpone your meal in the morning. Everything that is eaten for breakfast is almost completely digested, and not deposited in fat.

Many people ask themselves what exactly is there? What foods are acceptable with proper nutrition? Here's a sample diet to help you lose weight.

  1. Breakfast.For breakfast, you can eat carbohydrates - in the morning they are acceptable. But in order to get a long feeling of satiety, it is better to eat grains - these are slow carbohydrates. It can be buckwheat, oatmeal, rice, barley. Semolina is useless, there are no vitamins in it, so you should not eat it. We dilute milk for porridge with water, sugar is prohibited. For sweetness, you can add a little honey or fruit to the porridge. In addition to porridge, you can have breakfast with rye bread with low-fat cheese, scrambled eggs, boiled eggs. Coffee with low-fat milk and no sugar is allowed. Green tea is very useful - it speeds up the metabolism. It is imperative to have breakfast - this is the main meal.
  2. Snack.After 2. 5-3 hours, you can make a second breakfast. It can be fruits, berries, dried fruits, yogurt, kefir, nuts (no more than a handful), bread.
  3. Dinner.For lunch, you definitely need to eat something hot, the most useful for the stomach is soup. This can be meat or vegetable broth with cereals and a lean piece of meat. Be sure to vegetable salad with herbs - vegetables with a low calorie content help to get a long feeling of fullness.
  4. Second snack.It is similar to the first, but in the afternoon it is better not to eat carbohydrates, but to give preference to proteins. Therefore, it is better to eat something dairy - cottage cheese, kefir, unsweetened yogurt, fermented baked milk, yogurt.
  5. Dinner.For dinner, only proteins are required, no pasta and potatoes. An ideal dinner is a baked piece of fish or poultry with a vegetable salad. You can eat beans as a side dish. You need to give up sweets in the afternoon, including fruits, berries and dried fruits.
  6. Second supper.On split meals, a second dinner is also allowed, especially if you go to bed late. Remember that the body should not fast for more than 12 hours at a time. But the second dinner should be literate - only squirrels. You can't even eat an apple at night - it contains a lot of carbohydrates. It is much more useful to eat a piece of boiled chicken breast or drink a glass of kefir.

Do not forget about water - it removes the decay products of fat cells from the body. With proper nutrition, you can lose weight with water much faster than without it. Over time, you will begin to regulate your diet by making adjustments to it. You will start adding less and less oil to your food, and you will start buying healthy and healthy foods. In order for the diet to be varied, you need to experiment and find new tasty and healthy recipes. Here is some of them.

Delicious diet recipes

It is important to understand that proper nutrition is not a bunch of parsley and celery root. Diet food can also be tasty and appetizing.

chicken cutlets for weight loss on proper nutrition
  1. Chicken cutlets.Grind chicken breast in a meat grinder, add a glass of boiled oatmeal, salt, pepper, egg and form cutlets. Bake in the oven or steam. The cutlets are incredibly tasty and tender, the oatmeal is absolutely not felt.
  2. Chicken and cauliflower casserole.Boil the chicken breast and cauliflower, cut into large pieces, pour over the eggs, whipped with milk. It turns out to be a very simple but incredibly tasty dish.
  3. Beef stroganoff.Pieces of beef must be stewed for a very long time in a small amount of water along with onions. 2-3 hours and the meat turns out to be the most tender, the onions are not felt, only a rich meat sauce remains. A delicious and dietary meal combined with a side dish of rice or buckwheat.
  4. Bakery.With the right diet, you can prepare various types of desserts and even baked goods. In this case, the flour is replaced with cottage cheese, oatmeal, semolina. Here's a simple diet cake recipe. Semolina should be poured with kefir, allowed to swell. Add an egg, some honey for sweetness, and a pinch of baking soda. Bake for 20-30 minutes.

You do not need to completely abandon vegetable oil. Use it in recipes where you don't need to heat it - for example, dressing with oil on a salad. After all, it contains the irreplaceable vitamin E, which is so necessary for the beauty of hair, skin and nails.

If you want to get slim, don't forget about physical activity. If possible, you need to go to the gym, choose the sport that you like. Swimming, fitness, aerobics, exercise equipment - all this will perfectly tighten your figure. Yoga, Pilates, body flex - these are more relaxed classes, you can attend them if you have a lot of weight or have back problems. If you can't get to the gym, at least go for a run. Change the rules of life. Instead of watching TV, take a walk down the street, instead of using transport, try at least a few stops to walk to work. Get a dog - it will make you walk at least twice a day. Spend more time with children - walk in the fresh air, play outdoor games. Plan on a weekend trip to the mountains or the forest instead of going to the cinema. Skip the elevator, walk at lunchtime. All of these simple daily rules will help you expend more energy than you received from food. This means that you are on the right path to a slim and fit figure.

Remember, you are what you eat. Proper nutrition is not only a slim figure, but also good health, your investment in the future. Monitor your diet in order to maintain health, youth and beauty for years to come!