Diet for gastritis: what you can and cannot eat, nutritional rules

food for gastritis

A therapeutic diet for gastritis reduces discomfort and eliminates stomach pain caused by inflammation. A properly selected menu enhances the effectiveness of therapeutic measures and normalizes digestion. Special food for gastritis of the stomach includes treatment tables No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. The choice of a particular menu depends on the acidity of the gastric juice and the duration of the disease.

Table 1, 4, 5 is presented in several variations. In the number of the main diet, they are designated by letters and are used based on the severity of symptoms, the period of the disease (acute, fading, chronic form).

Organizing the correct diet for gastritis means completely revising your diet, eliminating foods that irritate the gastric mucosa. In the presence of this disease, the emphasis is on steam and boiled dishes. For any type of gastritis, it is forbidden to eat spicy, fried, fatty foods.

Healing diets for people with certain diseases were developed back in 1929 by scientists. The diet system includes 15 main tables with specifying options and fasting periods.

Food for gastritis of the stomach is organized taking into account the rules:

  • optimal temperature of dishes;
  • food intake should take place at the same time, meals should be fractional, 5-6 times a day;
  • overeating is not allowed;
  • when choosing a diet, take into account concomitant diseases;
  • alcohol, smoking is excluded;
  • you should refuse smoked, pickled, spicy dishes;
  • it is recommended to have dinner 2-3 hours before bedtime;
  • it is necessary to chew food thoroughly;
  • it is better to refrain from snacking on the run;
  • drink liquid no earlier than 30 minutes after eating;
  • boil food well.

This regimen has a positive effect on the gastric mucosa and heals it. The menu for gastritis should be varied, include a sufficient amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. The patient does not need to starve.

List of medicinal products for gastritis

A therapeutic diet for patients with gastritis necessarily implies the use of enveloping food, which restores damaged mucosal cells. Foods rich in vitamins of group B are welcomed. By the way, in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, there is a deficiency of these vitamins. Useful foods to eat for all forms of chronic gastritis:

  • oatmeal - a source of fiber, antioxidants;
  • vegetable oils - contain fatty acids, tocopherol;
  • dairy products (if well tolerated, does not cause bloating);
  • fermented milk products and drinks - normalize intestinal function due to the high content of beneficial microorganisms that help maintain healthy immunity;
  • ripe bananas - stimulate the production of protective mucus, are rich in B vitamins, magnesium;
  • berries - better absorbed than fruits, with an increase in the production of secretory fluid, non-acidic varieties are chosen;
  • white rice - has absorbing properties;
  • potatoes - normalizes metabolism, raw vegetable juice is used for medicinal purposes.

Correct drinking regimen will help to alleviate the condition in case of exacerbation and discomfort. The liquid improves intestinal motility and the functioning of the digestive tract, dilutes excess acid in the stomach. The volume of clean water without gases should be at least 1. 5 liters daily.

Features of nutrition with high acidity

The gastroenterologist prescribes a diet after ph-metry - a diagnostic procedure in which the acidity level of gastric contents is measured. It is usually done during an endoscopy.

Symptoms of acidic gastritis can include heartburn, rib pain, and between meals. When inflammation appears due to excessive production of secretory fluid, the menu of table number 1 is recommended.

To normalize the acidity (ph level), the patient is prescribed a strict diet. Any indulgence in the menu can cause discomfort and pain.

The list of permitted products that restore the mucous membrane and reduce the acidity of the stomach are as follows:

  • liquid porridge;
  • lean soups;
  • side dishes - mashed potatoes, boiled vegetables, durum wheat pasta, well-boiled buckwheat, rice;
  • lean meat and fish meatballs, meatballs;
  • cheese;
  • veal-based sausage;
  • dairy products;
  • sweet fruits, berries;
  • stale bread, crackers;
  • cheese casserole;
  • jelly, souffle;
  • for dessert - honey, marshmallow, marmalade, pitted raisins, dry biscuits.

The menu must include butter and vegetable oil. Meat and fish main dishes during remission can be cooked in whole pieces. Vegetables are used only in boiled form.

Fresh onions and garlic irritate the inflamed mucous membrane, so they should not be eaten for gastritis. Boiled, these vegetables are allowed in small quantities.

Weak tea, rosehip decoction, milk jelly and dried fruit compote are considered the most useful drinks for people diagnosed with hyperacid gastritis.

What not to eat with gastritis

List of prohibited foods for gastritis:

  • Salo;
  • dumplings;
  • liver;
  • mushrooms;
  • margarine, spreads;
  • fast food;
  • Rye bread;
  • heavy cream;
  • coffee;
  • chocolate;
  • spices;
  • fresh fruits (except for bananas, sweet apples, pears);
  • radish;
  • ice cream;
  • confectionery;
  • baking;
  • canned food;
  • carbonated drinks;
  • salty cheeses;
  • lollipops;
  • marinades.

With an exacerbation of the disease, you should limit the use of pasta, seafood, seeds, nuts. If, in addition to inflammation of the stomach, there is still a disease of the liver, gallbladder, then eggs are used as components of dishes. Eating them separately, in the form of an omelet, is undesirable for a combination of gastrointestinal diseases.

Allowed foods for hyperacid gastritis

Treatment in combination with a therapeutic diet that excludes dishes that increase the production of secretory fluid in the stomach will help to normalize the acidity level.

Diet therapy significantly speeds up the healing process with superficial focal gastritis. In most cases, minor damage to the mucous membrane can be cured with the help of the medical menu and drugs in 10-14 days. With deep lesions, it is recommended to eat properly for life.

List of foods that can be eaten for gastritis with high acidity:

  • Flour products. It is allowed to eat yesterday's wheat flour bread, lingering biscuits.
  • Cereals. The most beneficial for the stomach are rice, buckwheat, rolled oats.
  • Mashed vegetables. It is recommended to make salads from grated vegetables.
  • Eggs. They need to be boiled well. You need to eat eggs no more than 3 times a week.
  • Dairy products. They neutralize excess stomach acid.
  • Cheese of hard and curd varieties.
  • Lean meat. The most useful varieties for gastritis are turkey, rabbit.
  • Low-fat sea and river fish. Pollock, cod, pink salmon, flounder, hake, pike are suitable.
  • Desserts. Permitted sweets include honey, jelly, marshmallow, marmalade, marshmallows. From baking, you can curd casserole.
  • Still mineral water.

Features of the diet for hypoacid gastritis

In people with low acidity, the digestion process slows down due to a lack of enzymes. The symptoms of this disease are poor appetite, weight loss, pallor of the skin, vitamin deficiency.

Coarse food provokes an exacerbation. People with a hypoacid form of gastritis are prohibited from using:

  • peeled fruit;
  • berries with seeds - raspberries, strawberries, gooseberries;
  • pure milk.

The list of foods for gastritis with high acidity is about the same as that of the hyperacid form. There are also differences in diet. With low acidity, it is allowed to use:

  • sour fruits, vegetables and berries (citruses also belong to this group);
  • salted cucumbers;
  • tomatoes;
  • fruit juices.

Particular attention is paid to chopping food. It is advisable to take food in a calm atmosphere, chew thoroughly. With low acidity, there may be intolerance to meat, milk, eggs. In this case, foods that cause discomfort are excluded from the diet so as not to provoke complications of gastritis.

To increase the level of acidity, they follow a diet based on increasing the production of gastric juice. Along with the permitted products, the doctor often prescribes to take digestive enzymes.

Diet with exacerbation of the disease

The menu is made on the basis of table number 1a. Restrictions are observed for 5-7 days. When the symptoms disappear, the diet is gradually expanded. If acute gastritis is accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea, the body needs more fluid. Water helps to restore the water-salt balance. If the active phase of the disease is accompanied by pain and constipation, table No. 1b is recommended.

Approximate menu of dietary table 1B:

  • 1st breakfast: steam omelet of 2 eggs, milk semolina porridge, milk.
  • 2nd breakfast: milk.
  • Lunch: rice pureed milk soup, steamed meat soufflé with mashed potatoes, apple jelly.
  • Afternoon snack: rosehip broth, crackers.
  • Dinner: steam cottage cheese soufflé, fruit jelly.
  • At night: milk.

The diet for acute gastritis consists of liquid and ground meals that promote the healing of the gastric mucosa:

  • slimy soups with rice and rolled oats;
  • steam cutlets, soufflé with minced meat;
  • viscous porridge;
  • jelly;
  • weak tea

Features of table number 5

When gastritis is combined with cholecystitis, liver diseases, the patient is advised to diet table number 5. It is also prescribed for people with mild stomach inflammation. The diet restricts the use of foods rich in uric acid. The list of prohibited foods includes liver, yeast, canned fish, salmon, mushrooms, shrimp, and mussels. The consumption of egg yolk should be limited.

Sample menu for chronic gastritis

Gastritis recipes include various foods with prolonged heat treatment. The easiest way to adhere to a special diet is to draw up a rough menu in advance for the week ahead.

The daily rate of sugar is 20 g, bread - 250 g, butter - 20 g. The menu is designed for 6 meals. Of these, 3 main ones are breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks. For an afternoon snack, baked apples, pears, bananas, cookies are allowed. From drinks, rosehip infusion, compote are suitable. 2 hours before bedtime, drink a glass of milk or kefir.

Diet recipes

Most of the diet consists of liquid and chopped food. The recipes for the listed dishes are suitable not only for adults, but also for children. A therapeutic diet for gastritis allows the use of baked goods made from unleavened dough. The ideal option is biscuit biscuits.

You need to eat with gastritis regularly, in small portions and avoid overeating.

For breakfast with gastritis, porridge is best. The cereals are boiled well and simmered under the lid for 10-15 minutes. Barley, barley and pea porridge are prohibited for gastritis. The dish should turn out to be viscous or liquid so that they have an enveloping effect.

Rice is poured into 400 ml of boiling water and cooked over low heat until the liquid is absorbed. Add 2 tablespoons of sugar, ½ teaspoon of salt to the porridge and slowly pour 400 ml of milk. Rice is boiled for 15–20 minutes. Cover the dish and leave for 5-10 minutes. Before serving, you can add a piece of butter to the porridge.

Soup recipes

puree soup for gastritis

First courses include vegetarian soups. Rich broths increase the production of secretory fluid, so they are prohibited for people with high stomach acidity and ulcerative gastritis. The best options for the first course are slimy rice soup and vegetable puree soup.

To prepare oatmeal soup, you will need 0. 5 rolled oats, 600 ml of water, salt. Oatmeal is cooked for 10-15 minutes. Such a soup can be prepared with the addition of lleison - a milk and egg mixture. It is added at the end of cooking. Beat the egg and 200 ml of milk in a separate bowl. The finished soup is filtered through a sieve. After that, it is whipped with a whisk and brought to a boil again. Lezon is poured in a thin stream 5 minutes after the stove is turned off. In this case, the contents are constantly stirred to obtain a homogeneous mass.

Slimy rice soup can be made with milk.


  • 55 g of cereals;
  • 400 ml of milk;
  • 150 ml of water;
  • vegetable oil;
  • salt;
  • 2 teaspoons of sugar.

Rice is washed, boiled in water until half cooked. Then add milk, sugar, salt. Before serving, season with vegetable oil, crackers.

Diet meals for gastritis include vegetable broths. For example, cauliflower soup. To prepare the broth, you need a little onion, carrots, 200 g of cabbage. The vegetables are boiled for 15–20 minutes and then chopped with a blender. Bring the puree soup to a boil, add 10% cream and turn off the heat. Sprinkle herbs on the finished dish.

Meat soufflé

meat soufflé for gastritis

Second courses are prepared from whole meat or minced meat. An alternative to steam cutlets is meat soufflé. For cooking, take 300 g of beef. It can be replaced with a rabbit, chicken. It is better to refuse pork and lamb for gastritis. Fatty varieties provoke an exacerbation of chronic inflammation of the stomach.

The meat is boiled until tender and chopped. In a separate bowl, beat 2 yolks and a tablespoon of sour cream. The ingredients are mixed until a homogeneous mass is obtained with the addition of warm water, salted to taste. It is not advisable to use the water in which the meat was cooked, since the diet for gastritis excludes rich broths.

The mixture is spread in a mold greased with butter. The remaining egg whites are beaten with a mixer until stiff foam and added to the total mass. The soufflé is baked in the oven at 180 ° until a light crust appears.


diet meatballs for gastritis

The fish cleared of bones is passed through a meat grinder. Minced meat is combined with an egg, 1 tablespoon of flour, salt. Small balls are formed from the resulting mixture. Fill the non-stick pan with ¼ part of water. Formed meatballs are dipped in boiling water and simmered over low heat for 25-30 minutes.

Vegetable stew

vegetable stew for gastritis


  • cauliflower;
  • potato;
  • onion;
  • zucchini;
  • carrot;
  • salt;
  • olive oil.

A little water is poured into the onion and carrots chopped on a grater and stewed. After 10 minutes, add the rest of the diced vegetables. The stew is stewed until soft. Cooking time 20-30 minutes. The olive oil is added to the vegetable stew before serving.


rice pudding for gastritis

To make rice pudding you will need:

  • 100 g of rice and cottage cheese;
  • 1 glass of milk;
  • 1 glass of water;
  • egg;
  • 3 teaspoons of sugar;
  • 4 tablespoons of 15% sour cream;
  • a pinch of salt.

The groats are boiled in water with milk and salt, rubbed until smooth. Then add the rest of the ingredients, except for sour cream and mix thoroughly. The pudding is cooked in a greased pan in a water bath. The finished dish is eaten with sour cream.

Fruit jelly can be made with jam, water, and gelatin, following the proportions indicated on the package. To prepare dessert, you will need 2 glasses of jam, 200 ml of water, 5 teaspoons of powder. Water with gelatin is placed in a water bath and heated to a liquid state, jam is added. The contents are thoroughly mixed and distributed into molds. The jelly is placed in the refrigerator for 2 hours to thicken.

oatmeal cookies for gastritis


Butter dough should be excluded during the therapeutic diet for gastritis. Authorized baked goods can be allowed during the remission period no more than 1-2 times a week. Casseroles, biscuit and oatmeal cookies will become a substitute for buns for stomach diseases. Lean pancakes, oven baked and cheese cakes are also allowed.

Hercules biscuits:

  • 200 g of crushed flakes;
  • 200 g baby fruit puree;
  • 40 g dried apricots or raisins;
  • Coconut flakes.

All ingredients are mixed and formed into flat balls. Bake on a baking sheet at 180 ° for 30 minutes. It is advisable to cover the form with parchment paper.

jelly for gastritis

How to cook jelly

Fresh berries and jam are perfect for making jelly. For 1 liter of drink, you will need 1 tablespoon of starch and 100 g of jam. Bring water with jam to a boil, filter. The starch is dissolved in 100 ml of cold liquid and poured into the resulting syrup. Kissel should be boiled over medium heat. Moreover, it must be constantly stirred. The fire is turned off after the appearance of foams on the surface of the jelly.


For compote, you need a ready-made mixture of prunes, raisins, apples. Dried fruits are poured into the pan after the water boils. Cooking time - 15–20 minutes. You can make compote from apples, non-acidic berries.

Using dietary healthy recipes, you can not only cure stomach ailments, but also lose weight by several pounds without harm to your health.

The time to follow a therapeutic diet for gastritis will depend on the severity of the symptoms and the degree of inflammation. As a rule, it is recommended by the attending physician. The menu of the diet tables is used to treat and prevent exacerbations of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Proper nutrition will help eliminate unpleasant symptoms, pain and discomfort in the stomach.