How can you lose weight for a week by 7 kg?

slim figure after losing weight in a week by 7 kg

Before the most important events, the girls suddenly realize that they are not at all in that shape. We have to look for ways to lose weight for a week by 7 kg. Usually such an accelerated weight loss course is used before a wedding, graduation or birthday. But in addition to the reality of the method by which you can lose weight, you should think about the consequences after such a sharp weight loss.

It is quite possible to lose weight by 7 kg in 7 days, the main thing is to approach this correctly. This requires a grueling diet, exercise. This is a serious and responsible step on the path to harmony. To get a positive result, you must carefully study and follow everything as written in the instructions. You need to pay attention to the following:

  1. If the diet is low in calories, then it cannot be combined with physical activity. This can lead to exhaustion of the body.
  2. A drastic diet can bring the body into a state of stress, as a result of which all the processes associated with digestion will be disrupted. Problems will arise and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract will appear.
  3. If the diet is chosen incorrectly, then it will not only not bring results, but will also lead to a set of extra pounds.
  4. Following a diet to lose weight in 7 days, you must additionally take a vitamin-mineral complex.
  5. Exercise and a balanced diet are the keys to success.
  6. If you exercise uncontrollably, then the load can lead to exhaustion of the body and affect health.

Healthy diets

It's easy to lose weight by 7 kg. To do this, there are several diets that are designed for seven days. The most important thing is to choose the right diet that is suitable for a particular organism. We must not forget about physical activity, without it it is impossible to achieve the desired result, even if you starve yourself. Before you start following a diet, you need to consult with a specialist who will help you achieve the desired effect, but at the same time maintain health. Next, diets will be presented that will help you lose weight for a week by 7 kg.

vegetable salad for weight loss in a week by 7 kg

Herculean Diet. To lose weight, you have to eat one oatmeal porridge for a week. It must be cooked without sugar and salt. Steamed porridge can be made on kefir 1%. It is allowed to eat an unlimited amount of porridge per day. On days 4 and 5, you can add an apple or cucumber to the diet. At this time, you need to remember about the liquid, which should be in sufficient quantities to avoid dehydration. Such a diet will make the body weak, so any physical activity is excluded. Exit the diet should be slow and careful. On the seventh day, you need to start adding fruits, vegetables, bread to the porridge, and reduce the portion of porridge. And so on until the hercules leaves the diet completely or is reduced to one serving per day. Hercules can be replaced with buckwheat porridge.

Salad Diet… Green salads will be the only dish this week. For breakfast, you need to drink a glass of water with lemon and eat a fruit salad dressed with low-fat yogurt. For lunch, you need to eat a vegetable salad. For dinner - unsweetened tea or spend the rest of the day on kefir. A daily portion of vegetables and fruits should saturate the body. This will be enough to lose 7 kg quickly. But you should think about the fact that such a diet can cause various problems with the gastrointestinal tract. If during the diet the condition worsens, you need to switch to a healthy diet. Switching to a healthy diet after seven days of the diet should be smooth.

How to lose weight by 7 kg in a week with a diet is quite understandable. It is enough just to follow the instructions, monitor the state of your health. If, for some reason, diets are not suitable or there is simply no way to sit on them, for example, due to gastritis or an ulcer, then you can try to lose weight with exercise.

A set of exercises for harmony

How to lose weight in a week by 7 kg with the help of physical activity? The answer to this question is obvious. It is necessary to choose the optimal training schedule. It is best to contact a fitness instructor who will evaluate the body and its mass, and then develop a special program that will help you quickly reach the desired result. Sometimes one week of intensive training is enough to get rid of at least 7 kg.

Here is a sample workout schedule for weight loss:

  1. Monday. Aerobics. Gradually it is necessary to increase the load to avoid overwork. This workout usually takes about an hour and a half. This time will be enough to free your body from fat. The first 20-30 minutes, only carbohydrates leave the body. These activities include walking, light jogging, you can on a treadmill.
  2. exercises for weight loss in a week for 7 kg
  3. Tuesday. Strength exercises for a group of muscles of the back and chest. Those muscles that have worked hard are able to burn fat even at rest. Enough for 3 exercises for each muscle group. During classes, you must use a barbell.
  4. Wednesday. It is necessary to make an alternation of gains and light loads. You can warm up a little by running, and then proceed to strength exercises. Fat will be melted both during active training and during rest.
  5. Thursday. It is necessary to make reinforcement on the legs and arms. To do this, you need to use various weights in the form of dumbbells and barbells. There will be a place for lunges, presses, flexion and extension of the legs. You can use steppers for training.
  6. Friday. The load is the same as on the first day of the week. Do not forget about the liquid so that the body does not dehydrate.
  7. Saturday. Train your abs and arms.
  8. It is necessary to pump all the abdominal muscles.

    After exercises on the press, you must definitely do exercises on the back. You also need to do push-ups, lifting dumbbells. You can use different swaps for all muscle groups.

  9. Sunday. Fasting day. It is necessary to restore the body.


If you follow all the recommendations, it is better to do it under the supervision of a specialist, then you can quickly achieve the desired result. It will be correct to observe a proper diet and do exercises so as not to lose the effect that has been achieved during this time. Do not forget that a healthy lifestyle requires constant physical activity, proper and balanced nutrition, as well as the use of a sufficient amount of clean drinking water. If necessary, and after consultation with a specialist, you can use various food supplements, as well as vitamin and mineral complexes.