Kefir diet - minus 5-9 kg in 10 days

Women recommend kefir diet for weight loss

All women who have tried or are trying to lose extra pounds are well aware that the kefir diet is always the right way to lose weight. A lot or a little - depends on the individual characteristics of the body and willpower.

The main commandment in this case is "do no harm". A rigid kefir diet can be harmful even to a healthy person, not to mention the patient, for whom it will become a dangerous test. In the meantime, its main ingredient remains more than accessible to every losing weight woman and not only, they will sit on it, drinking this, of course, healthy fermented milk drink.

Is the kefir diet effective?

The kefir diet, the pros and cons of which have been repeatedly discussed by both doctors and women who have sat on it, can be both useful and dangerous. If we talk in general terms and consider weight loss as the main trump card, then yes, it can help to lose weight. However, the effectiveness of the kefir diet is far from being as one-sided and harmless as it might seem. By consuming kefir, we give rest to the body, which may have recently gained a few extra pounds or experienced stress after another overeating of its owner.

Kefir, rich in bifidobacteria, helps to improve the functioning of the digestive tract, cleanses the intestines, freeing it from toxins that poison the entire body as a whole. If the intestines are healthy and work like clockwork, this has a positive effect on immunity. But every diet of this type has its end. The exit from the kefir diet can be a decisive factor, playing both in its favor and in the defeat of this system. The duration of this diet is also important, because you can cleanse the intestines and allow the body to rest a bit, and it is quite another thing to deprive it of essential nutrients for a long time. The latter lies the main harm of the kefir diet, which can deplete the body, disrupt the functioning of the kidneys and lead to dysbacteriosis.

Safe kefir diet - menu

The safest is the kefir diet for 5 days, which can be either hard or light. In the first option, you can drink only kefir in an amount of 1. 5 liters per day, in the second, you can combine kefir with unsweetened and non-starchy fruits and vegetables, as well as boiled fish or poultry. The five-day kefir diet is not as dangerous as its long-term variations or more stringent ones.

Fruits and vegetables help to saturate the body with vitamins and energy, while white meat provides the body with valuable protein and helps to prolong the feeling of satiety. Of course, fruits, vegetables, and meat should be in limited quantities: no more than 1. 5 kilograms of fruits or vegetables and no more than 500 g of meat. Between meals and kefir should take at least two hours. This simple kefir diet for men is ideal, because it is not always easy for the stronger sex to sit on a very strict low-calorie diet.

A little trick: any kefir diet with cinnamon is a little easier. Its taste and aroma reduce appetite, improve mood.

How to get out of the kefir diet

To save the result obtained by such hardships, you need to know how to get out of the kefir diet. The exit should be gradual, regardless of the type of diet you were on. Basically, all types of these diets are characterized by a small amount or complete absence of complex carbohydrates, as well as fats. Starting from the first day of release, you need to gradually add carbohydrates to the diet: oatmeal, muesli with milk are suitable for breakfast, a small amount of potatoes, buckwheat porridge, and durum pasta are suitable for lunch. Fresh vegetables and fruits, if they were not there, should be introduced into the diet carefully and in small portions so as not to "scare" the stomach with fiber. If they were in a diet, their consumption can be slightly reduced, reducing the load on the gastrointestinal tract.

Kefir diet contraindications

Any chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract or kidneys can become relative or absolute contraindications. They have a huge burden on them. The kefir diet for pregnant women is a dubious entertainment, even one unloading day should not harm the unborn child, as any doctor will tell you.

Kefir diet for a month is an unreasonable challenge to your body. Kefir can be drunk every day, for example, two hours before bedtime. But the kefir diet puts the body into a different mode of operation with an increased load on the intestines and kidneys, which, even after a normal exit, can fail.

Kefir diet options

English kefir diet

If you are interested in a kefir diet for 2 weeks and you cannot find a menu, you may be interested in it. This kefir-based diet lasts 12 days and is said to be able to remove up to 10 kilograms. The principle of this diet is to alternate periods of completely kefir and days in which other foods are allowed. The most difficult first three days of the diet, which are entirely kefir.

  • Days 1, 2, 3: 1. 5 liters of kefir, which, if desired, can be replaced with the same amount of unsweetened yogurt with a fat content of 1%.
  • Day 4: 1. 5 kilograms of apples (you can take both fresh and baked, to taste) and 0. 5 liters of unsalted tomato juice.
  • Day 5: only 1. 5 kilograms of apples.
  • Day 6: repeat day 4.
  • Day 7: 1. 5 liters of kefir or unsweetened yogurt.
  • Day 8: again apples and tomato juice.
  • Day 9: 1. 5 liters of kefir.
  • Day 10: apples and tomato juice.
  • Days 11 and 12: 1. 5 liters of kefir.

Be careful if you suffer from stomach and intestinal sensitivity, high acidity, or a diseased liver that may not be able to withstand such a load.

Potato-kefir diet - satisfying and healthy

If you only have a few days to lose weight, choose this option.

Three-day potato-kefir diet

Diet potatoes can be consumed boiled or baked, but always unsalted. During the day, be sure to drink up to 1. 5 liters of clean water. Weight loss, depending on the original, is up to 5 kilograms.

1 day

  • Breakfast: 1 potato, a glass of kefir
  • Lunch: 2 potatoes, a glass of kefir
  • Dinner: 2 glasses of kefir

2 day

  • Breakfast: a glass of kefir
  • Lunch: 2 potatoes, a glass of kefir
  • Dinner: 1 potato, a glass of kefir

3 day

  • Breakfast: 1 potato
  • Lunch: 1 potato, a glass of kefir
  • Dinner: a glass of kefir

Kefir-rice diet - three days of detox

Rice perfectly cleanses the body of toxins, gives it a small amount of energy, kefir helps to improve the functioning of the intestines, contributing to its cleansing and complete detox. Kefir-rice diet should be short-term - three days ideally. Rice is boiled, unsalted and unsweetened. Be sure to drink clean water. This diet is designed for people with healthy intestines and has more cleansing goals than weight loss.

On the first day in the morning you need to eat a green apple with a glass of kefir, at lunch - 100 g of low-fat cottage cheese with a glass of kefir, and for dinner only an apple. Second day: in the morning an apple and kefir, in the afternoon - a portion of rice and a glass of kefir, for dinner you can eat rice, an apple, and kefir. On the third day, breakfast is rice and half a glass of kefir, and lunch and dinner are identical - apples and a glass of kefir.

Kefir diet from a pop singer - a stellar example

Kefir diet has become a real brand since the popular singer ceased to be a lady in the body, becoming slim and graceful in the shortest possible time. Today, she has several options, someone praises her, others scold her, but to understand whether the pop star's kefir diet helps, you need to look at the sample menu.

One of the classic options includes seven days of the diet, which alternate between the main products, and each of them necessarily contains 500 ml of low-fat kefir.

  • Day 1: 400 g of unsalted boiled or baked potatoes and 500 ml of kefir
  • Day 2: 400 g of low-fat cottage cheese and 500 ml of kefir
  • Day 3: 400 g of green apples or other unsweetened fruits and 500 ml of kefir
  • Day 4: 400 g of boiled chicken breast and 500 ml of kefir
  • Day 5: 400 g of green apples or other unsweetened fruits and 500 ml of kefir
  • Day 6: 1. 5 liters of non-carbonated mineral water
  • Day 7: 400 g of unsweetened fruits and 500 ml of kefir.

The kefir diet of a pop singer allows you to lose up to 7-9 kilograms.

Kefir, milk and cottage cheese - sour-milk comrades for a diet

It is not difficult to come to the conclusion that kefir can be combined with milk and cottage cheese for dietary purposes. The kefir-milk diet can be poorly tolerated by adults, so it should be short-term. With lactose intolerance, it is contraindicated. With that diet, you need to stock up on kefir, milk and other low-fat fermented milk products, dividing them into 6-7 doses per day. For 3 days of the diet, you can get rid of 3-5 kilograms.

Milk does not contain as much protein as cottage cheese, which, like milk, is able to provide the body with calcium. The kefir-protein diet should also be designed for a short period of time due to significant harm to the body and a powerful effect. For a day, you will need 500 g of cottage cheese and 1. 5 liters of kefir, which must be divided into 5-7 doses. Be sure to drink water throughout the day. This diet eliminates excess fluid, eliminating swelling, but is absolutely not suitable for diseased kidneys.