Express Dukan diet for 7 days

the Dukan diet

Many of the famous Dukan diet, which consists of 4 stages and when a large excess weight could last more than a year. Following the recommendations of the Paris of a nutritionist, you'll never get dropped pounds. But always limit yourself under force not to everyone. 7-day Express diet is designed for those who completed all 4 phases, but slipped and gained a few pounds.

The second front diet Express diet for 7 days

Learning about multiple failures losing weight, Pierre Dukan, in addition to his main work “I can not lose weight”, where he explains the principles of the author's unique diet, published a book “Ladder of power: the second front”. In this book recommendations for people who are not able to keep their weight after the main diet.

Re-pass all 4 stages will be long and less effective business. Easier to stabilize your weight by another method – a special ladder of power. You start the week with a certain set of products. As in the traditional version of the diet, the products can be combined with each other, to prepare them in any way that is in any amount and at any time. Next on through the week step by step you climb to a more diverse diet. Every day in your diet introduced a new dish.

For quick diet you will lose weight by 700 g per week. You can use this technique once or repeat the ladder week by week until you achieve the desired results.

Express Dukan diet 7 days menu

General rules of the diet remain the same:

  • 1.5 tbsp of oat bran daily;
  • 1.5 liters or more of fluid per day;
  • daily walks at least 20 minutes.
  1. On the first day, observe all the rules of the attack stage. In your diet is the only food that contains protein.
  2. Add a menu to all kinds of vegetables except potatoes.
  3. To protein and vegetables add fruit, but not more than 150 g
  4. Additionally eat 45 g of whole wheat bread.
  5. On the fifth day, your menu appears 40 g low-fat cheese.
  6. In the already considerable list enter starchy foods in the amount of 220 g. It is potatoes, pasta, legumes, cereals.
  7. The last day of the ladder allows you all the variety of food from previous days and a feast. PIR means that in one meal you can eat anything, including fast food, sweets, alcohol.

Express Dukan diet 7 days: reviews and results

Results Dukan stairs all different, because each person has an individual baseline metabolism. Total plumb also depends on the amount of extra pounds you. On average, one week of a “second front” goes 0,5-1,5 kg. However, on the forums you can come across comments where women talk about weight loss of 3 kg or more in 7 days.

To observe fast the Dukan diet just because it has a diverse menu, and once a week allows you to eat “to satiety”. The Dukan diet differs from other methods by a huge number of delicious recipes that will not let you get bored and hate the process of losing weight.

Doctors refer to a similar weight loss program loyal. Diet rules close to the principles of healthy eating. Lose weight without spikes, so your body feels comfortable. Staircase Dukan safe in the absence of individual contraindications.