Top 50 exercises for abdominal muscles: lose weight and tighten press

Dream to lose weight in the stomach to get rid of the sides and reduce the waist? Start to do exercises for a flat stomach at home today! Abdominal you need minimal equipment and little space in the room.

We offer you a selection of quality exercises for the abdominal muscles, which will definitely help you tighten abs and lose fat the waist area.


a selection of quality exercises for the abdominal muscles

Before proceeding to the selection of exercises for belly at home, it is worth mentioning that the weight loss occurs only when you consume less food than the body is able to spend on the energy (i.e., eat within the caloric deficit). If you do not observe dietary restrictions, then body fat will not decrease even with daily exercises for abdominal muscles.

Therefore for effective weight loss in the abdominal area, there are three important factors:

  • The lack of calories and proper nutrition
  • Workout to tone stomach muscles
  • Cardio workout to burn fat


  1. If you want to get a flat stomach in a short time, your exercise should include cardio exercise to burn fat and exercises to tone the abdominal muscles. Therefore, workout plan for flat stomach can be divided into two parts: cardio workout (15-20 minutes) and the exercises for the entire muscular corset (15-20 minutes). The second part includes exercises for belly on her back, standing in the bar – at your discretion. Preferably, the exercise program was the most diverse.
  2. The total time of such a complex of exercises for the abdomen is 30-40 minutes, you need to deal with 2-3 times a week. Of course, you can train more or less often depending on your goals and problem areas.
  3. Before exercise the abdomen it is advisable to do workout, after a workout is to perform stretching.
  4. If you want to lose weight in the stomach faster, it is always better to focus on cardio workouts. It is always more effective for burning fat than just the abdominals. Be sure to view our ready cardio workout for weight loss.
  5. For a more effective burning of belly fat, it is also desirable to increase daily activity: walk more, take regular walks, less use transport choose active leisure activities during the weekend. Popular modern gadgets that track activity during the day can become your good helper in this case. For example, a fitness bracelet.
  6. For some of the exercises on the abdominal muscles you may need a dumbbell. When you replace plastic bottles with water or sand. Among the useful fitness equipment for weight loss in stomach also note on the fitball and a weight.
  7. Contrary to popular belief, training in food films will not help you to lose weight faster in the abdominal area. This practice also gives the load on the heart, thus reducing the fat layer film is not affected at all.


Exercises are a selection of presents below. Can alternate exercises, rearrange them or add new ones.

  • Cardio exercises (15-20 minutes): 5 exercises in the circuit 30 seconds work – 30 seconds rest or 45 seconds work – 15 seconds rest, repeat the exercise in 3 rounds, between rounds 1-2 minutes of rest.
  • Standing exercises + exercises on back (10-12 minutes): 8-10 exercises according to the scheme 40 seconds work – 20 seconds rest or 50 seconds work – 10 seconds rest. After every fourth or fifth exercise, you can take a short break.
  • Strap + exercises lying on the stomach (10-12 minutes): 8-10 exercises according to the scheme 40 seconds work – 20 seconds rest or 50 seconds work – 10 seconds rest. After every fourth or fifth exercise, you can take a short break.


Cardio exercises for stomach will help you burn more calories, speed up metabolism and start the fat loss process and strengthen the abdominal muscles. Cardio exercises to perform better with breaks, for example, 30 seconds of intense work + 30 seconds rest (or TABATA), it will help to train much more efficiently.

If you have contraindications for health, just do the exercises without jumping and running, while trying to maintain a high speed. For example, instead of exercises "Horizontal running" just pull your knees to your chest in plank position.


The most common exercises for a flat stomach are the exercises lying on your back – the options are sit-UPS, leg lifts, pulling his knees to his chest etc. the Advantage of these exercises is that they help to pump the target muscle of the abdomen (straight and slant), which means to make your stomach flat and fit. During the exercise on the back, your belly should be tucked up and back pressed to the floor. Do not bend your back, lift the lower back off the floor and make sudden movements, otherwise there is a risk of injury. Try to pull the navel to the spine and to perform the exercises gently and thoughtfully.

Also note that in such exercises for a flat stomach should be treated with extreme caution if you have back problems. Different variants of twists give stress to your back and waist, so these exercises for the stomach can cause pain or discomfort in this area of the body. If you have pain during exercise for stomach back, then it is better to temporarily not to practice. Replace them with exercises for the abdomen in standing position and the bars (of which will be discussed below). After strengthening the corset muscles to these exercises, you can return.

  1. Twisting
  2. Twisting with the foot touch the floor
  3. The knees up to the chest
  4. Touch the ankles
  5. Oblique twists to the foot
  6. Double twisting
  7. Scissors
  8. Bike
  9. The bike with the legs extended
  10. Leg lifts
  11. Circular rotation of the feet
  12. Boat
  13. Russian twist


Plank is one of the most effective exercises for a flat stomach. It helps not only to pump direct and oblique abdominal muscles and strengthen the entire muscular system as a whole.

  1. Strap
  2. Plank on elbows
  3. Walking in the bar
  4. - Touch shoulder strap
  5. Twists in the strap
  6. The rotation of the hand in the strap
  7. The rise of hands in the strap
  8. The splaying of the legs in the strap
  9. Spider
  10. Side plank
  11. Twist to side plank
  12. The splaying of the legs in the opposite bracket


A great alternative to more traditional exercises for the stomach on the floor are exercises that are performed in a standing position. During the execution of such exercise less the probability of the incorrect position of the back and therefore less risk of injuries and exacerbations. For a start do not need to perform exercise with dumbbells, you can start training and without additional equipment.

  1. Touch the knee elbow
  2. Leg lifts
  3. Turns the body with dumbbells
  4. Side curl with dumbbells
  5. Slopes with dumbbells to the floor
  6. Tilts in the position of squat
  7. Slopes with dumbbells in the direction of
  8. Turn with a lunge
  9. The knees up to the chest
  10. Mill


This is another very effective exercise for the abdominal muscles. During their performance you'll also strengthen the muscles of back and waist, which is a good prevention of pain in the spine and help improve posture.

  1. Superman
  2. Superman simplified
  3. Superman with divorced hands
  4. Swimmer
  5. Hunting dog