Experience of use Slimmestar

Overweight is a problem not only for women, but also for men. Mark from Ontario shared his weight loss experience with the Slimmestar patch. The man managed to lose 20 kilograms, which he happily shared with us.

Mark used Slimmestar for weight loss

"The problem of excess weight concerns not only girls, many men, like me, suffer from excess kilograms, but it is not customary to talk about it. Advertising for weight loss is always aimed only at girls, drug developers completely forget about men, which makes it increasingly difficult to find a suitable means for losing weight.

Slimmestar Review:

My weight was 110 kilograms, before I recovered, I weighed only 90. The reason for the weight gain was workload, lack of adequate nutrition and exercise. I used to go to the gym and pump up my sexy biceps, but now it's all hidden under a thick layer of fat. I tried to change my eating habits, the only thing I managed to do was to stop eating at night. In the office where I work, the menu is by no means a dietary one, sometimes they bring us pizza for lunch, and there is absolutely no time to remember snacks.

It was hard for me to walk with such a weight, shortness of breath appeared, the girl constantly reminded me that I had become too fat. The more I gained weight, the more lazy I became. But I didn’t stop and decided to take the situation into my own hands.

I started looking for weight loss products in pharmacies. Most often I was offered herbal tea, diuretics and laxatives. This did not suit me, and I began to search for information on the net.

I read an interesting promotional article that garnered a lot of reviews. Everyone wrote about the Slimmestar slimming patch - a new tool with which people lost 10 or more kilograms of weight. I was pleased that there were reviews from men, and then I decided to order the product.

How the Slimmestar patch helped me lose weight

Mark lost 20 kg with Slimmestar plaster

The patch was sent by mail, the order was paid on the spot. I brought the package home, unpacked it, and learned in detail how to use the product. I immediately stuck the slimming patch on my stomach, checked it all day and listened to my feelings. Nothing happened, the changes began on the third day. Sitting in the office at work, I realized that I was not hungry at all. I refused to eat lunch, only limited myself to tea. I changed the patch every 12 hours, as it was written in the instructions.

I knew that this is a very important point - I have experience using anti-smoking patches, as soon as I missed a patch change, I immediately felt like smoking. I was careful with the Slimmestar patch because I really wanted to lose weight.

My appetite decreased every day, but this did not affect my health in any way. On the contrary, it seemed to me that I could move mountains. Every day I lost 200-500 grams of weight, and a week later the number 115 flaunted on my scales. The goal was still far away, but I was glad of the first successes. During the second week, I lost another 3 kilograms, and in just a month and a half my weight approached 90 kilograms.

How glad I was that I was able to return to my previous form! I felt unprecedented lightness, shortness of breath disappeared, I became much more productive. Laziness disappeared, more sexual desire appeared, I saw how my girlfriend was looking at me.

The Slimmestar patches are a great piece for weight loss. The tool is great for men, as I heard, for girls too. You do not need to drink pills, sit up your stomach and experience discomfort, a patch is the best solution. I am an example of how applying a patch can help you lose weight. Buy this product and enjoy life in a new body! "